Some Friends Can Save You

He broke her heart can she forgive him and save him?

Penny Larson thought she had her whole life planned out until the man she loved ended things between them. Heartbroken she did something stupid and found herself trapped in a marriage she desperately wanted out of. After her husband's death she moves back to her hometown and finds her new neighbor is none other than the man who crushed her young heart.

Jackson Bellamy returned from the military a broken man. No job, missing part of one arm, he has no family and nowhere to go except back to the town he once fled after giving up the only woman he would ever love. Battling a dark voice that whispers that he's useless and has nothing to live for, he knows he has even less to offer Penny now than he did when he left.

But someone is stalking Penny, can he save her life and find redemption in her love so they can finally get their happy ending?