Book Cover: One
Part of the Count to Ten series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 286
Paperback: $ 11.95
Pages: 284


The ultimate choice, save the life of the woman you love or let a vicious killer walk free.

Annabelle Englewood's life is crumbling around her. Her entire family is slaughtered, she's accused of committing the crime, and the detective working the case is making her feel things she doesn't want to feel and challenging her belief that she is unworthy of being loved.

Detective Xavier Montague knows better than to get involved with a woman in a case he's working. Especially one who is so emotionally vulnerable. And yet against his better judgment, he's drawn to Annabelle, but this forbidden attraction will force him to confront the darkest time in his life and force him to decide if he can let go of the past so he can have a future.

** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **

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