Week 102 – Hit me . . . What . . . Hit me then flee . . . but what about you I will go back undercover its the only way

He should be angry.

Astor had used him, played him, intended to send him to prison for the rest of his life. If she hadn’t gotten him killed when she used him to crack the human trafficking ring.

But she hadn’t.

Because she loved him.

Frost couldn’t do this. “Stop,” he said.

“What?” Astor tried to pull him onwards, but he was bigger and stronger than her and she couldn’t make him budge.

“I can’t ask you to go on the run with me.”

“Well I can’t let them arrest you.”

“Then we’re at an impasse.” Frost didn’t want to live the rest of his life without Astor but he couldn’t put her in danger.

“Hit me.”


“Hit me then flee.”

“But what about you?”

“I will go back undercover, its the only way. They’ll think you saw them coming, knocked me out when I tried to stop you from running, then managed to escape.”

If he did that then Astor would be safe.


She was blinded by her need to find and punish those who took her sister from her. She had already put herself through hell in her quest and as soon as she was out of his care she would do it again.

But if he kept her with him and they went on the run she could be in danger as well. If the men from the human trafficking ring found out that she was a cop they would stop at nothing to kill her. Or worse sell her to someone who would sneak her out of the country and keep her as their prisoner for the rest of her life.

He knew what he had to do.

It was risky but it was his only chance at keeping Astor alive and safe.

“I’m sorry,” Frost whispered.

“What did you-” she broke off abruptly as his fist connected with the side of her head and she collapsed.

Frost caught her as she crumpled and gently laid her down on the floor. Blood was trickling down her face and he stooped to kiss her forehead. “No matter what happens, Astor, remember that I love you. Always.”

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