Week 104 – When reality set in

Frost was pretty sure this was a mistake.

On so many levels.

Right now he was afraid that when Astor woke back up, and when reality set in, she was going to resent him kidnapping her and bringing her.

He sighed.

It was too late to do anything about it so he may as well plough forward and follow through on what he’d started.

With a last glance at the bed where Astor was still fast asleep, he turned back to his laptop. He had at least managed to make some progress trying to track down who had bought and killed Astor’s sister. He didn’t have a plan yet, and he wasn’t letting Astor just rush blindly into this because she was so focused on getting her revenge, but something would come to him. It had to, he had the best motivation in the world, keeping the woman he loved alive.


He jumped at the voice, then frowned as he turned to find Astor standing behind him. “You shouldn’t be up.”

“I’m feeling better,” she told him, and her eyes did look clearer than they had earlier. “This cabin is really adorable.”

She looked around, and his did too, even though he knew that the cabin looked like. She was right, it was an adorable cabin. It was one main room with a bathroom, there was a kitchenette in one corner, a square table beside it, a large fireplace took up most of one wall, there was a couch in front of it, a bed in the corner on one side of it, and the desk where he was sitting on the other side.

“It belonged to my grandfather. We used to come up here sometimes, just the two of, go fishing, hike, ski, those were fun times,” he said wistfully.

“Thank you for bringing me here, and sharing this place with me,” she rested a hand on his shoulder.

Her touch did what it always did. It overwhelmed him with such intense love for her that the only thing he could do to deal with it was to sweep her off her feet, deposit her on the sofa, and kiss her senseless. He wanted to do more, but she was recovering from a concussion, and he didn’t want to make things worse.

“Don’t stop,” she murmured when he broke the kiss, her hands curling into his hair and trying to bring his mouth back to hers.

“You’re recovering from a concussion,” he reminded her with a laugh.

“Hold me,” she asked, starting to look a little sleepy.

Now, that he could do. Scooping her into his arms he sat down with her on his lap, reaching for a blanket that was folded over the back of the sofa, he tucked it around them. The flames in the fireplace danced about and he could hear a blizzard swirling outside, this was how regular people spent their days. Sitting curled up in front of a fire while a storm raged outside. Only they weren’t normal people, and these circumstances for them being here were about as far from normal as you could get.

And yet they were here.

And they were sitting together, enjoying one another’s company.

“Have you slept at all since we came here?” Astor asked.

“No, but I have been working on finding the men who killed your sister.”

“And I appreciate that. I want to see them pay for what they did, but not at your expense. Lets go to bed, get some sleep, then in the morning we can work on a plan. Together.”

He wanted to argue, tell her that he needed to figure this out for her, she had fallen in love with him and he needed to try to prove to her that that hadn’t been a mistake. But how could he resist going to bed with Astor, even if it was only to sleep?

“Okay,” he agreed. He carried her to the bed, and once they were both lying down, pulled up the covers. Astor immediately snuggled into him, her breath warm against his neck, and she lay close enough that he could feel her heart beating.

Frost had never known it was possible to love someone like he loved Astor.

He’d thought that kind of love was reserved only for fairytales, and he was far from Prince Charming, so how could he ever hope to find his Cinderella?

Yet life had given her to him.

She might be just as twisted and dark as he was, they were the perfect couple, and he loved her deeply and completely. He would make sure that he helped her get what she wanted, and then who knows, maybe they would get their happily ever after.

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