Week 113 – So this is what we’re doing now

Her new neighbour was hot.

Like melt your panties hot.

Piercing ice blue eyes, dimples, a smile that made her go all gooey inside, messy black hair that every time she saw it she wanted to curl her fingers into and drag his mouth to hers and kiss him until the world melted away into nothingness. She’d caught a peek at his abs the day he moved in, it had been a warm late fall day and he’d taken off his shirt as he carried boxes inside, she may or may not have drooled a little when she saw them.
Okay, not maybe not.
She had drooled.
He obviously worked out a lot, his arms were all muscled, his body looked like a sculpted work of art. What she wouldn’t give to run her hands over those perfectly defined body and feel those arms or steel locked around her, holding her tight against that rock hard chest.

Logan O’Hara.

That was his name.

She may or may not know that because she snuck over there while he was at work and gone through his mail. Probably a bad move since Logan was a cop.

A cop.

She had a thing for men in uniform, and this particular cop was just so dreamy.

His car pulled into his driveway and Amelia darted back, letting the curtains fall closed just in case he happened to look over and see her stalking his house through her front window.

“So this is what we’re doing now is it?” she asked herself. “If you like him just go over there and ask him out. You can do that. Its not scary.”

Her little self pep talk didn’t do any good. She didn’t go up to guys and ask them out, and definitely not to hot guys she had a crush on to ask them out. She was shy and awkward and terrible at making a good first impression.

Oh well, at least she could sneak little peeks at him from the safety of inside her house.

With a yawn Amelia turned around, put out the fire roaring in the fireplace, turned off the lights and headed up to bed, if she was lucky maybe she would dream about Logan the hot cop.

Tucking herself in, it didn’t take her long to drift off to sleep, she was a personal trainer at the local gym and she was always exhausted at the end of the day.

Amelia didn’t know it but the second she was asleep a man rolled out from underneath her bed.

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