Week 116 – Why were they soaking wet?

A loud explosion startled her.

What was that?

Something was roaring and crackling, and she turned her head towards the sound then immediately wished she hadn’t.

Her house was on fire.

Not just on fire it was a raging inferno.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks, she was aching all over, she was scared and confused, and hot . . .

Her house wasn’t just on fire it had exploded and burning pieces of debris were everywhere. One had landed right beside her and Logan, and it had caught the edge of her pajama pants on fire.

That should hurt.

Amelia knew that.

But she was caught in some kind of fog that protected her from feeling pain.

When the house blew up Logan had thrown himself over her, but now he seemed to realise something was wrong. He darted up, took one look at her, then snatched her up and ran with her.

She didn’t really no where.

Suddenly the light was too bright.

She could hear sirens but they were muffled.

Then her pajamas were wet.

Why were they soaking wet?

She thought she should know the answer but she didn’t.

“Amelia?” Logan’s voice floated through the fog to her.

“Yeah?” she said, because she knew he wanted her to say something.

“Are you with me? It looks like you zoned out, I need you with me, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed, and tried really hard to focus. They were inside now, in a bathroom, she assumed it was Logan’s, he’d put her in the bath and was running cold water. “I’m cold,” she said, starting to shake.

“Your PJs caught fire, your leg got burned, we’re going to try to keep it as cool as we can while we wait for the paramedics,” he said, speaking slowly as though he thought she might not still be quite with him.

The fog that had descended on her was evaporating by the second, and as it went the pain in her leg came back. Along with the shock of everything that had happened tonight.

At least she was safe now. She no longer believed that Logan was a threat to her, he was just her sexy cop neighbour who had saved her life.

She was about to thank him when movement caught her attention.

Someone else was here.

“Logan,” she shrieked a split second too late as someone sprung into the room and knocked Logan out.

Now she was on her own.

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