Week 138 – Keep running

Lacey had never been so terrified in all her life.
She had escaped TJ and her own personal hell, she had started building a life for herself, focusing on her dancing again, and making friends, getting job, and now it was all over.
TJ had found her again and this time she didn’t think she would be getting away alive.
“We can’t go out the front door,” Connor was speaking to himself, “and there are no other doors, that means we either stay and fight, or …” he trailed off, looking thoughtful.
“Or what?” she asked, her teeth chattering so hard it made it difficult to speak.
“Or we go out the window,” he said, his eyes brightening.
Out the window?
He lived on the fifth floor.
“H-how? W-what?” she stammered.
Connor had stopped listening and was already grabbing her hand and dragging her through his apartment, stopping in the bathroom. “This should work, its around the other side from the front, and they won’t be expecting us to climb out through the window.”
“I can’t,” she said, yanking herself from his grasp. “I’m afraid of heights, and my leg, I can’t climb down the side of the building.”
“You can climb on my back,” Connor said, opening the window. “Come on, lets go. We’ll climb down and then we’ll start running and we’ll keep running until we get away from here. We’ll go back to the station, you should be safe there until we find TJ and get him in custody.”
Lacey didn’t have time to worry about that, right now all she could think of was the fact that Connor wanted her to climb out a fifth storey window, get on his back, and hold on while he somehow climbed down.
This would never work.
It was crazy.
She was going to tell Connor that she couldn’t go through with it, but he was already out the window, he pulled her over, took her arms and wrapped them around his neck, and then the n ext thing she knew she was hanging off a building five storeys up.
“Hold on tight,” Connor said as he started to move.
As if she was going to do anything else. Lacey clung to Connor like her life depended on it and prayed that this worked and they didn’t fall and break their necks.
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