Week 140 – The car exploded sending Lacey and Connor up in the air

The car exploded sending Lacey and Connor up in the air.

Lacey didn’t remember landing.

She didn’t remember the pain.

Or the men.

The ropes or being throw in the trunk of a car.

She didn’t remember anything.

There was only darkness.

She knew a lot about darkness.

Every second she had spent with TJ had been dark. The second his mask had fallen and his true self had been revealed he had plunged her into the black portal of pure evil.

Slowly something came into the darkness that had soaked inside her.


She was in pain.


Her whole body ached. Her leg from the bullet, her whole left side from the explosion, and her shoulders because …

Wondering why was enough to prod her fully awake and she opened her eyes to find that she was in a house. A nondescript house that could be anywhere. She was-thankfully-still dressed but her wrists had been tied behind her back and then pulled up at an awkward angle and secured to a hook on the wall. Already her shoulders and arms burned with pain and she knew enough to know that TJ wouldn’t have mercy on her.

So she was TJ’s again.

All these months where she had been rebuilding her life, hoping he wouldn’t find her, were all for nothing. She wished she had been shot back at the ballet audition, at least that would have been quick, because whatever TJ had planned wouldn’t be.

That time Connor had saved her but now …


Connor. Where was he?

Lacey scanned the room and found him tied to a chair about three years to her right. His eyes met hers and although he was gagged she could clearly read what he was telling her. To hold on, to stay strong, to believe that they would somehow get out of this.

She might have believed him but the door to the room suddenly opened and her worst nightmare stepped through it.


She couldn’t do this, she couldn’t survive him again.

He smiled that wicked smile at her as he walked over, towering above her. “There’s no escaping, Lace, you’re mind,” he told her as he brushed his knuckles across her cheek. “Forever.”


With a grim sigh, Lacey accepted her fate, her one regret was that she had dragged Connor into this, and now her fate was going to become his as well.

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