Week 181 – The past was rushing at her, smashing her strength, as she fragmented

“I think I know who it is,” Macey whispered. Her eyes were wide with fear, her slim body trembling, she looked as though the past was rushing at her, smashing her strength, as she fragmented into a million pieces.

That wasn’t happening on his watch.

She had survived four months as a prisoner, she could survive anything, and he would be right there beside her every step of the way.

“Who is he?” Tyler asked, taking her hands in his and brushing his thumbs across her palms, hoping to soothe her.

“There was this guy at my high school, the kids used to bully him, one day he went up on the roof, he was going to jump and the other kids were egging him on, telling him to jump that no one would miss him. I told him it wasn’t true, that there were people who cared about him and loved him and that the world wouldn’t be a better place without him in it. He didn’t jump but he never came back to school, I never saw him again, but do you think …?” she trailed off looking to him to see if what she’d said could be possible.

“Its a good a place to start looking as any other,” he told her. If this man thought that Macey had saved his life, that she cared about him and loved him, then no telling what he might do. “What was his name?”

“Michael, Michael Cummings. He’s really still out there isn’t he? And he’s going to come back. He’ll never let me go.” The look on her face as she said that, like she was already a dead woman walking, broke his heart.

“I swear on my life, Mace, he wont ever lay a hand on you again. I will protect you with my life if I have to,” Tyler vowed. Nothing and no one was going to take her away from him ever again. He’d rather die and no that she was safe than have her endure another heartbeat of pain and suffering.

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