Week 184 – Why didn’t he let Ryder do his job? Why did he leave her side?

A presence beside her bed tugged her from sleep.

Macey’s eyes snapped open and her worst nightmare was confirmed when she saw Michael standing beside her bed, a gun in his hand.

Where was Tyler?

He had promised to stay right by her side when he tucked hr in earlier but now he was gone.


Someone screamed her name.


It sounded like he was outside.

“Come on,” Michael growled, grabbing her roughly and dragging her from the bed.

She went willingly, unable to get her body to move, paralysed by shock and terror.

They were halfway to the bedroom door when Tyler burst through it.

Michael didn’t hesitate he just fired.

Blood bloomed on Tyler’s chest, his eyes widened in surprise, then he fell to his knees.

The sight of the man she loved slumping to the floor flicked a switch inside her.

Macey screamed, wrenching herself sideways.

“No,” Willian snarled, grabbing her wrist and wrenching so hard she felt her bones snap.

The pain was nothing compared to what she felt knowing Tyler was dead or dying.

Tyler’s gun had dropped from his hand when he fell, if she could just get to it she’d end this once and for all.

She could hear voices, help was coming, Michael must have heard it to because he snarled. “You do anything stupid and I will shoot every single person who tried to stop us.”


That wasn’t happening.

With a howl that barely sounded human to her own ears she lurched sideways, managing to break free of his hold and lunged for the gun.

Her fingers curled around it, she swung in Michael’s direction and fired.

And fired.

And fired.

Until there were no bullets left and he lay dead.

“Michael,” she sobbed, crawling over to him. Why didn’t he let Ryder do his job? Why did he leave her side?

There was so much blood.

Tyler’s partner’s eyes met hers, filled with pain and sorrow.

And her heart cracked into a million pieces.

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