Week 219 – No I don’t like funhouses

“No, I don’t like funhouses,” Sarah said, pulling back when her best friend Camryn tried to drag her towards the haunted house. She hadn’t wanted to come to the Halloween fair, she hated scary things. She was basically a wimp, and she would much preferred to have stayed home tonight, curled up on the couch in her PJs reading and eating too much candy.

“Aww, come on,” Camryn implored. “It’ll be fun, and I’ll hold your hand the whole time.”

“Promise?” Sarah knew she sounded pathetic, she was twenty-four, she shouldn’t need to hold anyone’s hand in a haunted house, but she was spooked enough just being out here.

“Sarah, you’re being a baby.” Camryn rolled her eyes, but still took her hand and pulled her over to join the line for the haunted house.

Her uneasiness grew as they waited to be let in, was it just her nerves or was it a sign that something bad was about to happen? She’d never really got the whole trust your gut thing, her gut never told her anything, it was silent to the point she wasn’t even sure it existed.

Until now.

Something told her that if she walked inside the haunted house something bad would happen.

Feeling silly, Sarah didn’t resist as Camryn led her in when it was their turn. It was dark inside, and because they weren’t letting many people in at a time it was empty.

Camryn was excited and babbling away as they made their way through a room filled with mannequins dressed as monsters, although she was sure at least one of them was a real person.

She shouldn’t have let herself been pressured into coming here.

Just as they were about to reach the door leading into another room filled with things that would terrify her, one of the monsters sprung to life and grabbed at her. Sarah shrieked and stumbled backwards into the wall, only the wall turned into a door and suddenly she found herself in a different room.

This room was filled with candles, thousands of them, the walls were blood red and there were body parts strew everywhere.

“Not real, its not real,” she repeated to herself as she searched for a door out.

Sarah froze when she saw a man on his knees, a knife in his hands, a woman lying drenched in blood in front of him.

“Please, help me,” the woman murmured before her eyes fluttered closed.

The man just knelt there his eyes wide.

“Its not real, not real, they’re just actors,” she repeated frantically.

“Get help,” the man said, the knife clattering from his grip.

“W-what?” she stammered. This was just an act, it was all make believe, just meant to scare her … right?

The man stood, stepping towards her, there was blood staining his clothes, his hands, and he reached out for her.

Sarah screamed.

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