Week 229 – Put her down

Everything was fuzzy.

Sarah felt like she was still underwater but she knew she wasn’t. She had hazy memories of water gushing from her lungs, and warm hands on her.

Cooper’s hands.

Somehow they penetrated the bone deep cold with their heat. Right now those warm hands had picked her up and he was holding her against him.

Light flashed over them and she felt Cooper tense.

“Coop, its just us.”

Sarah didn’t recognise the voice but it was clear Cooper did because he immediately relaxed. “Walt, what are you doing out here, and why is Becca with you?”

“We were on our way to Sarah’s house, we heard you guys leave so we followed, we saw that car run you off the road, we’ve been trying to find you ever since,” Walt replied.

“Someone else is out here,” Cooper said. “Someone is after me and they’re willing to take out other people to get to me. We have to get Sarah someplace safe.”

“I know the perfect place,” Becca said.

“Lets go. Put her down,” Walt said.

Sarah was having a hard time following what was going on but when Cooper tensed she could almost feel what he was feeling and it was no surprise when he said, “I can’t let her go.”

She felt the same desperation inside her. In the couple of hours she’d known him Cooper had managed to get a grip on her heart. She had no idea how, she didn’t believe in love at first sight, barely believed in love at all after the example her parents had set. Of course she didn’t love Cooper, you couldn’t love someone you just met, but she felt a connection to him unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

“I meant I’ll carry her back to the car,” Walt explained.

“Don’t let me go,” Sarah whispered, lifting her head from Cooper’s shoulder.

He smiled down at her. “Wouldn’t dream of it, darlin.”

Her entire being settled despite the apparent danger she was in because of him. “Thank you, I mean I know its just until this is over but …”

“Darlin, when this is over and I find who’s trying to set me up for murder and kill me, I’m going to take you out of a date.”

“Really?” she asked, wondering what this strong, sexy guy saw in someone like her.

“Unless you got a problem with that?”

“No, no problem, I can’t wait.” Sarah was positive that it would be the best date of her life.

“Good. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect.”

Cooper dipped his head and swept his lips across hers in a sweet, sensual kiss that had her insides turning to fire at the promise of what would be coming.

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