Week 367 – How much more could she endure? She was done

Natasha felt … empty.

Like her soul, what made her her, was just gone.

Ripped from in the basement of her own brother’s home. Even if by some miracle she was rescued there was no way she could ever go back to the woman she’d been before.

That woman was gone now.

“Our good friend Tony is on his way down to retrieve his newest toy,” Brandon said, ignoring her question asking what she’d ever done to make him hate her so much.

Seemed today was the day she was to be sold. Her faith in Tony had vanished, he’d never come for her, and now he was going to buy her. She had no illusions that she would be any better off with him than she’d been with Brandon.

How much more could she endure? She was done. Just … done.

Ready for it all to just hurry up and end.

Speak of the devil Tony came strolling down into the basement. When his gaze landed on her crammed into the dog cage she searched it for some sign of empathy, of compassion, of goodness. A hint that the man she had trusted still existed.

She found none.

Just cold eyes and an even colder expression.

Natasha knew she’d been stupid to blindly trust that he was a cop, that he was a good guy. Now it was too late to do anything about it.

“Ah, Tony, we were just talking about you,” Brandon said, standing from the leather sofa where he’d been sitting taunting her. “Your new pet is all trained and ready for you. Would you like a drink?”

“No, thank you,” Tony said, hungry eyes staring at her like he couldn’t wait to devour her, tear her to pieces like the prey that she was. “I’ve been waiting two months to get my hands on this beauty. I don’t think I can wait a second longer.”

If there had been any doubts about her future those words ended them. She was about to leave the frying pan and jump right into the fire.

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