Week 373 – We found a tunnel under the house

Sure he must have heard his partner wrong, Tony just stared at Garret.

“What did you just say?” he growled, making Natasha shiver in his arms.

“Brandon was gone,” Garret repeated. “We found a tunnel under the house.”

“We knew about the tunnel,” he snapped, fighting to keep his control only because he didn’t want to frighten Natasha even more than she already had been.

“This was another one. One we didn’t know about,” his partner explained apologetically.

“Well find him,” Tony ordered, like it was that simple.

“We’re working on it. I swear we’ll get him,” Garret vowed.

In his arms, Natasha’s shaking increased. “Wh-what about m-me? M-my brother h-hates me.”

No way would he allow Brandon to touch another hair on his sister’s head. Tony might have been working on this case for over a year but now he was no longer motivated solely for justice for his sister. Now it was also about this sweet, brave woman he clutched against his chest.

There was only one way to ensure Natasha was safe. One person he trusted to protect her.

Pulling back, Tony gripped Natasha’s shoulders, met her watery gaze with his fiery one. “I promise you he will not touch you again. Until we find him I am not leaving your side, you will not be out of my line of sight for any reason.”

What happened after that he wasn’t sure, but one thing he did know, he didn’t want to let Natasha go, not ever.

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