Week 55 – Apologize

Lips whispered across hers.

For a moment Alayna forgot everything. Where she was, what had happened to her, what her life had become, it all faded away. All she could think about was that the man she loved was kissing her.

Abruptly he stopped, then stood and left.

As soon as he left her side her common sense started to return. She should run. Mekhi wasn’t who she thought he was. He had told her that her old life was over. That she belonged to him now. That he was never letting her go. Then he had locked her in a box.

He was a monster.

Alayna struggled to sit, but got no further than swinging her legs over the side of the bed when Mekhi returned.

He frowned slightly. “You shouldn’t be up. You need to rest.”

When he was near her she couldn’t think straight. It was like he possessed her. She complied.

“Good girl.” He smiled at her as he came to sit beside her. He had a first aid kit in his hands and he placed it on the bed then lifted one of her hands, cradling it gently as he went about cleaning and bandaging the wounds from the rope. He did the same with her other wrist and both her ankles, then he draped a blanket over her naked body.

“I apologize,” he announced.

She had no idea what he was talking about. Why would he be apologizing to her? He was the one with all the power here, she was his prisoner, he could do whatever he wanted to her, how could she stop him?

“For locking you in the box,” he elaborated. “It was unavoidable, but I know how horrible it was for you. I hope I won’t have to do it again.”

“I don’t understand,” she whispered. He was apologizing to her but in the same breath telling her he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if she displeased him.

“I know you don’t.” The smile he gave her was tender, and he touched his lips to hers again, before sliding an arm under her shoulders and lifting her. “Here, take these, they’ll help you with the pain and to sleep.”

When he tipped some pills into her mouth then held a cup of water to her lips, Alayna allowed herself to swallow them. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to wake up and find this was all just some horrible nightmare.

Laying her back down, Mekhi then stretched out beside her and pulled her close. He kissed her forehead, then held her in his arms as he had so many times before. “Sleep my sweet angel,” he murmured.

Against all odds she drifted off feeling safe in the arms of her kidnapper. He may be a monster but he was her monster and despite what he’d done to her she still loved him.

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