Week 56 – Sick and twisty

Mekhi watched her sleep.
She was so beautiful. Almost too beautiful. If she wasn’t, she would never have been able to wiggle through all his defences. But one look at that pretty smile, those long-lashed blue eyes, that silky blonde hair that tumbled all the way down to her hips, and he was smitten. So smitten he actually used words like smitten.
He’d never thought he’d fall in love.
When you had a family like his it wasn’t in the cards.
But this girl, she had changed everything.
Maybe he should . . .
That was crazy.
It wouldn’t work.
Or would it?
Alayna’s hand rested on his stomach, and careful not to disturb her, he picked it up and entwined their fingers. She moaned quietly and snuggled closer. In sleep she still trusted him, even if awake she knew she shouldn’t.
He couldn’t live with her. And yet he couldn’t live without her. That only left one solution. Sick and twisty as his life might be, it was about to get a whole lot sicker and twistier.
For now thought he’d sleep. Pressing a kiss to Alayna’s forehead, he closed his eyes, and soon drifted off.
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