Week 68 – I laughed at the antic of the wayward clown

She was being thrown through the air, and then caught, and thrown again.

There were other things flying around beside her.


Bright, colourful balls.

Someone was juggling her along with the balls.

A clown.

A funny looking clown with a big red nose, crazy blue hair, and a green and yellow striped suit. He was dancing as he juggled her and she laughed at the antics of the wayward clown.

As she watched him he began to change.

Those eyes, those lips, that mop of curly hair, the dimples. She knew them all.

It was him.

The man she loved and the man she hated.

The man who would never let her go.

Piper felt hot. Too hot. Like there was a fire inside her. She moaned, and moved restlessly on the bed trying to escape the stifling heat.


His voice was like a cool balm on her flushed skin. It shouldn’t be. His voice should fill her with unimaginable terror.

“Are you with me?”

Unfortunately she was but she didn’t think that was what he meant. Piper was having a little trouble concentrating because of a raging headache.

“You have a fever,” he was telling her. “Your wound got infected, you’ve been floating in and out for the last four days.”

Her wound?

Right, he had hit her over the head back at her apartment when he had grabbed her.

“Where are we?” she croaked, she needed to know how bad things were for her.

“Home,” Judah replied, picking up her hand and kissing it.

She had fought tooth and nail and almost died escaping from Judah’s home last time, now she was back and the chances of her ever getting free again were virtually zero.

Piper couldn’t deal with this right now, so she closed her eyes and let sleep wash her away.

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