Week 69 – I was cooking trying to come up with something

Finally his life was back to normal.

Back to being perfect.

Judah hummed happily as he stirred the soup on the stove. He was cooking homemade pumpkin soup because it was Piper’s favorite, it was a sort of welcome home meal. Although she had been with him for almost a week now all of that time she had been burning up with a raging fever and slipping in and out of consciousness, delirious whenever she was awake.

But now she truly back with him, and this time she was never leaving.

Didn’t she know he couldn’t live without her? Didn’t she know that she was his oxygen and that without her he would shrivel up and die?

He wanted to pick her up and take her to bed to ravish that beautiful body of hers but he was trying hard to be a gentleman. This had all been a shock to her and she had been sick, a combination of the wound he’d given her when he’d gotten her back getting infected and the flu he believed, she needed time to adjust. But once she had all bets were off.

Right now though he wanted to do something special for her, something to celebrate them reuniting. Something that showed her how much he loved her and how glad he was to have her back home again.

Leaving the soup on the stove he went to check on her. “Piper, I was cooking trying to come up with something and . . .” he trailed off as he stepped into the living room.

It was empty.

Piper was gone.

Where could she be? He had the place locked up tight, he had no intention of letting her get away again. She had to be hiding around here somewhere and when he found her he was going to have to punish her.

He was done being a gentleman, it was time to claim what was rightfully his.

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