Week 70 – Piper crawled out the very small bathroom window

She had to get out of here.

She had to.

It was the only thing in the world she cared about right now.

Not the raging headache hammering at her temples like a drill gone into overdrive.

Not the horrible nausea swimming in constant circles in her stomach.

Not the overwhelming sense of dizziness that made it fee like she was walking on a carousel on which someone had turned the speed up to high.

She didn’t care about any of that.

Her only focus was on leaving this house.

“Piper,” Judah called out her name in a sing-song fashion as though they were kids playing hide and go seek.

But this wasn’t a game.

She was fighting for her life.

She loved Judah, she probably always would, but he was crazy and if she didn’t get out of here he would end up killing her.

Of that she was certain.

Carefully easing the window open, terrified that she might make a noise and alert him to where she was, Piper crawled out the very small bathroom window.

And got stuck.

Her head and one arm were through, out in the warm night air, so close to freedom they could feel it. The rest of her was stuck in the bathroom, in the prison that would soon become her tomb.

She struggled, she wriggled, she pushed and she pulled.

None of it did any good.

The only thing she achieved was wearing out her already weak body.

“Found you,” Judah sounded excited and not angry, at least that was something.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” she stammered hoping to appease him.

“I know you are.” His hand rested on her backside, caressing it softly. Then he slapped it, hard, hard enough to make her yelp in pain. “But you must be punished all the same.”

Piper wondered what the love of her life, her husband, the father of her child, had in store for her. Whatever it was she knew it wouldn’t be good.

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