Holiday Grief

How can you trust others when you don't trust yourself?

Jasmine Crane made the biggest mistake of her life when she was sixteen. Believing she was in love she ran away only to find that she'd run right into Hell. It took her two years to escape but she lost everything, including her ability to trust herself. Now there's a man determined to show her what love really is, but her fear that it can't be real could ruin her only chance at happiness.

Adam Abram's life is filled with his job as a cop and his young daughter, but when a case brings a woman into his life everything changes. Already having loved and lost it's not easy to put his heart on the line again, but there's no way he can stay away from Jasmine, especially when he learns of the danger from her past that never truly disappeared.

Problem is if he's the only one fighting for their future their chance at happiness could go up in smoke.