Yuletide Hero

Bodyguard Trilogy - Book 3

Childhood crushes never come to fruition.

Hayley Hood has loved Brian Xander since she was a girl, but to him she's always going to be the quiet kid he met when her parents adopted her. She's resigned herself to forever being nothing more than his friend, but when her job as a social worker puts her in the line of fire with an angry parent he steps up to play bodyguard.

Brian Xander blinked and family friend Hayley turned from a kid to a woman. A stunningly gorgeous woman. When her life is threatened he's more than happy to help out and volunteers to keep her safe, but falling in love with her will be easy compared to keeping her alive from a relentless stalker who will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

Just when they give into their connection an unforeseen threat rears its head.