Yuletide Guard

Bodyguard Trilogy - Book 2

Is it possible to move on from your past?

Samara Patrick is being stalked. She doesn't know by who, or where she came into contact with this person, but when the stalker makes an attempt at kidnapping her she knows he's not going to go away. It's bad enough suffering through her least favorite time of the year but now on top of everything else she's got a bodyguard who makes her feel things she's not ready to accept.

Michael Stein did something he can never forgive himself for. Now he's lost down a path he can't find his way back from, but when his friend Samara needs him he's there for her. Developing feelings for her wasn't supposed to happen, but he sees through her veneer of perfectionism to the deep pain she tries to hide and it calls out to his own pain.

Only problem is his issues have the power to destroy them both.