Week 118 – Amazing can’t wait to read more

Hands were touching her.
Amelia had no idea why but for some reason she sensed this wasn’t a good thing.
Her eyes snapped open and when she saw Logan standing above her she immediately relaxed. If he was here then everything was okay.
Why exactly was her sexy neighbour in her bedroom?
Just then he looked down at her and faked a smile when he saw she was awake. She could tell it was fake because it didn’t reach his eyes, she just didn’t know why.
“Everything’s going to be okay, an ambulance should be here any second and more cops are coming,” he told her.
An ambulance?
What was going on?
He reached over and fiddled with her wrist and it wasn’t until he set it gently down at her side that she realised she was tied to a bed. And it wasn’t her bed. Where was she?
“Logan?” she croaked, her voice was weak and that scared her. Amelia could feeler heart start to race and her pulse begin to pound. “What’s going on?”
He cocked his head, his brow furrowing. “What do you mean?”
“Where am I? What happened? Why am I tied to a bed?” she rattled off questions, her uneasiness was growing by the second. She might not remember anything since spying on her neighbour and then going to bed but she knew something bad had happened.
“You don’t remember?” he asked her.
Amelia shook her head then wished she hadn’t when pain sliced through her skull.
“Someone broke into your house, you screamed and woke me up, then you jumped out of your bedroom window. I found you but someone set your house on fire. You burned your leg so I brought you to my place to put cold water on the burn while we waited for the paramedics and whoever was indoor house must have followed us. They knocked me out and when I came to I found you like this.”
That sounded like something out of a book. “Amazing can’t wait to read more,” she mumbled.
“Nothing,” she said as she looked down her body. Her other wrist and both her ankles were still tied up, and she was naked.
Yeah that made her fear rack up sever notches.
What had happened to her once Logan had been knocked out.
“Its going to be okay, Amelia,” Logan said noticing her growing fear. “I don’t know how, but I promise you that we will figure this out.” He freed her remaining limbs and then wrapped her in a blanket and lifted her into his arms, cradling her gently. “I promise, we’ll work this out,” he said again.
As she clutched at him, the only solid thing in her world right now, for some reason she believed that he could make all of this better.
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