Week 119 – Well that’s a hellava story

Logan paced up and down the ER. What was taking so long? They’d been here for over an hour already and yet he hadn’t been let in to see Amelia, nor had anyone given him an update on how she was doing.
He was going crazy.
Over and over in his mind he had been replaying everything that happened tonight, trying to see how he could have gotten a different outcome.
Unfortunately he couldn’t come up with anything.
He turned when he heard his name called, and saw his brother, who happened to work in the emergency room of the hospital where the ambulance had brought Amelia. He had insisted that his brother be the one to treat her, partly because he knew he’d definitely be kept in the loop, but also because he trusted his brother with Amelia. They still didn’t know who had been in her house and attacked them at his place, so as far as he was concerned every single person was a suspect.
“How is she?” he demanded, rushing his brother.
“Concussion, cracked ribs, bruising, the cuts on her chest weren’t deep enough to need stitches, and the burn on her leg has been treated,” Pete explained.
“She’s going to be okay?”
“She will be,” his brother assured him.
The words tried to stick in his throat but he forced them out. “I found her naked was she sexually assaulted?”
“She was.”
That made him want to hit something, hit someone, specifically the someone who had hurt Amelia. When he found this guy he was not going to be responsible for his actions. “Does she remember anything?”
“She says she doesn’t.”
“You believe her, right?” He’d seen the fear on Amelia’s face and he didn’t think that she would lie to him but he needed more than that for his report.
“She hit her head twice, add the psychological trauma, and I believe she truly doesn’t remember. What went down tonight?”
“Someone broke into Amelia’s house, I heard screams and found her lying on the ground outside her house, she’d jumped out of the window. Someone set her house on fire, and the debris burned her leg. I brought her to my place to put cold water on the burn while we waited for the paramedics and whoever was inside her house must have followed us. They knocked me out and when I came to I found her tied up with the cuts on her chest.”
“Well that’s a hellava story,” Pete said.
It was.
And he had no idea how he was going to end the story. He needed to find this man but he didn’t know how. “Can I go and see her?”
Logan walked over to the small cubicle where Amelia was and paused at the door. What did he say to her? He had promised her that they would find a way to sort this out but he had no idea how he was going to do that.
When he opened the door her large amber eyes found his and they were so full of fear, and confusion, and hopelessness, but also trust.
She trusted him.
Without even thinking about what he was doing, Logan crossed the room and kissed her.
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