Week 121 – Bad idea + A spoon clicking on a tea cup triggered fear, and she fainted

“This is a bad idea.”
“Yeah, you said that already.”
Amelia looked from Logan to his brother Peter. They’d been having this same argument ever since they’d left the hospital over an hour ago.
“No one said you had to come with us,” Logan told his brother.
“When did you get your MD?” his brother shot back. “Did you forget that we ran from the hospital? How were you planning on looking after her if I wasn’t here?”
“We didn’t run from the hospital,” Logan corrected. “She doesn’t remember what happened, or who hurt her, but she freaked out when she heard cops were coming, we’re simply keeping her someplace safe until we figure this out.”
They’d been talking about her like she wasn’t here ever since Logan had snatched her up and snuck her out of the emergency room and into his brother’s car. He’d sat in the backseat with her on his lap and that was probably the only thing that had kept her from freaking out.
She wished she knew why.
Why did the idea of talking to cops scare her badly?
Logan was a cop and she wasn’t afraid of him. Was he right and it was her subconscious trying to protect her because the man who had been in her room and had gone to all the trouble of following her to Logan’s been a police officer?
Amelia didn’t want to think about it right now. She didn’t want to think about any of this. She wanted everything to go back to normal, she wanted her plain, boring life back, she wasn’t cut out for this kind of thing. She didn’t even like scary movies, and now her life had turned into a scary movie and as much as she wanted to turn it off she couldn’t.
“Aren’t you going to call your boss, or your partner, tell them whats going on?” Peter asked.
“No,” Logan said simply as he set her down on the couch.
As soon as his arms released her Amelia sucked in a terrified breath. It didn’t go unnoticed.
“I’m not leaving you,” Logan told her. The blue eyes that she had once thought dreamy now were the only thing holding her together. The look on his face told her that if they’d been alone he’d be kissing her right now.
She wished they were alone.
“I’ll make us something to drink,” Peter muttered, stalking out of the room.
Looked like he was her fairy godfather tonight, granting her wishes.
Slowly, Logan dipped his head and very lightly brushed his lips across hers. She knew he was trying to bear in mind the fact that he’s just sprung her from the hospital but she didn’t wanted to be treated like she might crack into a million pieces at any second. Talking about her like she wasn’t there was one thing but she wasn’t going to have him kissing her like she was some delicate little child.
Amelia wrapped an arm around Logan’s neck and pulled herself off the couch cushions. She kissed him like she had no intention of stopping with just a kiss.
Which she didn’t.
Her free hand was already trying to undo his shirt buttons.
“Whoa, darlin’,” Logan’s hands curled around hers, and she felt a small rumble in his chest. “If my brother comes back in here and finds us making out he’s going to lecture both of us, and trust me you do not want to hear a doctor lecture you.”
He was right.
They couldn’t make out now.
She was about to tell Logan she could wait until they were alone, but the sound of a spoon clicking on a tea cup triggered fear, and she fainted.
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