Week 122 – Loved this

“Whoa,” Logan tightened his arms around Amelia when she suddenly went limp in his grip.
“What happened?” Peter asked as he came rushing over, setting a tray with three cups of tea and a teapot down on the table beside them.
“I don’t know, we were talking, and she just passed out,” he explained. “Right when you walked in here with the tea,” he added thoughtfully. Was it the smell that had triggered something and caused her to faint? A clue maybe about what-and who-had attacked her?
“Logan?” Amelia’s voice fluttered weakly.
“Right here, darlin,” he assured her. Keeping a hold of her he gently eased her back so he could see her face. There were dark circles under her eyes, and she was ghost level pale, breaking her out of the hospital had been a bad idea, but he couldn’t see an alternative. A cop had attacked her, he knew it, and there was no way he was going to risk her safety by keeping her somewhere the entire police department was aware of.
“Did your memories come back?” Peter asked.
“Uh uh,” she shook her head, her fingers curled into his shirt and she inched closer.
Sensing that she wasn’t telling the truth, not because she wanted to lie to him but because she was feeling afraid and overwhelmed. Logan knew what she needed, since his brother was hovering beside them he couldn’t kiss her like he wanted to, but he did touch his lips to hers, and immediately he felt her settled.
“Loved this,” she murmured when he straightened.
“What did you remember?” he asked, as much as he wanted to give her time to come to terms with what she’d been through, they didn’t have time. They needed to know who had attacked her so that he could get the guy in custody and make sure that Amelia stayed safe.
“Its just bits and pieces,” she told him.
“That’s fine,” he said as he dragged her into his lap, giving her at least an illusion of safety so she felt secure enough to tell them what she knew.
“It was kind of blurry, but when I heard the spoon clink against the teacup I remembered . . .”
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