Week 124 – You’re killing me

Something was wrong.
Logan could tell from the way Amelia was shaking in his arms. She must have remembered something. Something big from the looks of things.
“Amelia, did you remember something?” he asked, trying to pull her back so he could see her face but the more he tried the more she curled into him, clinging to him.
“M-my head h-hurts,” she whispered.
“I think thats enough for tonight,” Peter announced. “She really needs some rest.”
As much as he wanted information, Logan had to agree with his brother. He’d put too much pressure on Amelia and it was starting to show.
“Yeah, okay,” he said. “Come on, lets get you into bed.”
He stood and scooped Amelia into his arms, she buried her face against his neck, her cheeks were wet with tears and he felt a stab of guilt. He never should have convinced her to try this tonight. She’d just been through so much and then instead of letting her rest so she could regain some strength, physically and mentally, he had made her relive it.
“I’m sorry,” he said as he entered the bedroom and laid her down on the bed.
“D-don’t let me go,” she said, sounding panicked and tightening her hold on him.
“You’re killing me, darlin.” Guilt was jabbing at him, and every tear she shed was like another knife in his chest. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for pushing you. Don’t worry about it, okay? We’ll figure this out, I don’t want you to put this kind of pressure on yourself. We’ll find another way to figure out who hurt you.”
Amelia sobbed and tried to get closer to him, which was virtually impossible since she was already plastered against his chest.
“I-I know,” she wept.
“Know what?” he asked, confused.
“W-who it was.”
“You remembered?” This time he forcefully pried her off of him so he could see her face.
She nodded, shaking so badly he could hear her teeth chattering.
“Who was it?”
She shuddered and tried to wriggle closer again but he held her firmly. He needed to know who it was so he could go and arrest the man.
“Amelia? Tell me.”
Her terrified eyes met his, tears still tumbling down her pale cheeks. “It was Peter.”
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