Week 125 – He’s not a cop though

Logan just stared at her.
His eyes wide in confused shock.
“He’s not a cop though,” he finally said. “At the hospital you were upset about cops.”
Her memories were starting to come rushing back, so fast that it made her dizzy, and she moaned, pressing a hand to her aching head.
This was all so confusing.
Too much had happened too quickly and all she wanted do was lie down and go to sleep.
But she couldn’t, because the man who had been in her bedroom, who had followed her to Logan’s house had also come here. He was right outside the bedroom and Amelia was terrified that he was going to come in at any second.
“Amelia, are you sure it was Peter? Why would my brother hurt you?”
“Because someone told him too,” she whispered, the more her memories came back the scareder she became.
“Who? Who asked him to hurt you?” Logan demanded.
“M-my sister,” she whispered.
“Why would your sister want to hurt you?” Logan still looked and sounded confused.
Before she could offer an explanation a voice behind them made them both jump.
“I think I can explain that,” her sister, and Peter stood in the doorway, both armed, and both grinning at them manically.
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