Week 126 – It can’t be true

“I think I can explain that,” said a pretty blonde who was the spitting image of Amelia. “I’m the evil twin, and Ami is the good twin.”
Logan’s gaze darted to Amelia who was sitting on the bed beside him, frozen in shock. He was pretty shocked too, but he didn’t have time to be frozen, Peter and Amelia’s sister were both armed, and his weapon was in the other room.
He didn’t see a way where both he and Amelia walked out of this alive.
“I got sick of living in the shadows of the family princess and decided it was time to take her out. Only the sneaky little thing keeps getting away,” Amelia’s twin grinned.
“It can’t be true, it can’t be true, it can’t be true,” Amelia was murmuring over and over again. She was clearly in shock, and she’d been injured falling out of her bedroom window just a few hours ago, he was surprised she was still conscious after all of that. While he was impressed beyond measure with her strength he wasn’t sure that she was in a place where she was going to be able to help them get out of here.
“So what are you doing here?” he turned angry eyes on his brother, how could Peter do this? They were brothers, they’d been close their whole lives, how could Peter break into his house, knock him unconscious, then tie up Amelia and rape her? It made zero sense to him.
“Love makes you do crazy things,” Peter said, turning adoring eyes on the insane woman.
“This is well beyond crazy. And you’re a cop?” he asked incredulously. He’d never seen Amelia’s twin before, but he found it hard to believe that someone this unbalanced could be a police officer.
“Detective Harlow Zeke,” she grinned back at him. “And actually I’m a very good cop, good enough that I have this all wrapped up. You were the only one with Amelia when she was attacked, you’re the one who brought her to the hospital, you’re the one that snuck her out and ran off with her. When the cops find this place they’re going to find poor dead Amelia shot with your weapon, and you dead, stabbed, because Amelia put up a great fight and managed to stab you, but you shot her before she could escape.”
The woman had really put a lot of thought into this. “How does Peter figure into all of this?” Surely everyone knew that his brother had come on the run with him and Amelia.
“I’m the hero,” Peter grinned. “I came because I didn’t know what you had done, but when I find out I help Amelia kill you, only not in time to save her.”
They thought they had this all figured out. What was worse was that it looked like they did.
“Then Harlow and I get to spend the rest of our lives together,” Peter gushed, eyes only for his woman.
“Actually about that,” Harlow said, “I’m the only hero of this story.” With lightening speed the woman threw a knife that embedded deep in his shoulder, then fired a shot at his brother, and then one at Amelia.
Logan saw it coming.
Pain was pulsing through his body as his blood gushed down body, and he used the last of his energy to throw his body at Amelia’s trying to take the bullet before it got her.
He failed.
Amelia grunted in pain as she was shot, but as she fell back against the bed she pulled out a gun. His back up that he had forgotten he had given her on the drive here should they be separated for any reason. She fired, and hit her target with surprising accuracy.
All four of them were hurt.
The coppery smell of blood was the last thing Logan remembered before darkness washed over him.
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