Week 130 – She heard the click of a hand gun, flinched as it misfired


Someone slammed into her and she in turn slammed into the ground.

A heavy weight pressed on top of her and it took Lacey a moment to realise that it was the man who had knocked her down still on top of her.

What was he doing?


She could hear gunshots again.

Maybe the man was trying to protect her from the bullets flying about.


Lacey could hear footsteps and they were coming closer.

Her brain was struggling to process what was going on but one thing was crystal clear, the people with the guns were coming towards them.

She said her prayers and prepared to die.

“Get up,” someone growled, kicking her.

The man who had knocked her down and protectively covered her body with his own, stood, dragging her up with him and supporting her weight when she would have crumpled back down to the ground.

Lacey squeezed her eyes closed, she just wanted this to be over with.

She heard the click of a hand gun, flinched as it misfired.

A momentary reprieve only because she knew the bullet was coming.

The man behind her held her tightly.

Lacey waited for death.

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