Week 131 – The tension was so thick you’d need a machete to cut it

Connor didn’t see a way where this ended well.

The gun had misfired once but it wasn’t going to happen again, there were four men surrounding them, and he had to wonder why they would come back, and why they had zeroed into the woman he was currently holding in his arms.

Who was she?

And why did someone want her dead?

The man who appeared to be in charge lifted his weapon, pointed it right at the woman’s head, but before he could fire the most wonderful sound in the world filled the air.


Finally back up was on the way, maybe his number wasn’t up quite yet.

The four men exchanged glances, then turned and ran, jumping into a car then screeching off down the street.

It took a second for him to accept that they were still alive, he had been so sure that they were about to meet their maker.

Slowly he turned the woman around so he could see her face, she was still staring right through him, her blue eyes blank with shock. Connor gave her a shake, he needed to snap her out of the haze she was stuck in.

“Hey,” he said gently, grasping her chin between his thumb and forefinger he gave her another shake.

The woman gave a slow motion blink and her eyes cleared. They looked deep into his and he felt something inside him shift. She felt it to, the woman sucked in a breath, and quickly looked away, then cautiously her gaze moved back to meet his. The tension was so thick you’d need a machete to cut it.

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