Week 132 – No second chances

She wanted to kiss him.

Lacey couldn’t take her eyes off the handsome stranger who had just saved her life.

His eyes were honey coloured, his hair as black as night, and he had the most endearing dimples. He was like a dream, a mirage, something that was too good to be true, especially in her messed up life, and yet he was standing in front of her touching her. His fingers clasped her chin and he was staring into her eyes like . . . like . . . well she wasn’t sure, but his eyes were like magnets, holding her gaze.

The man cleared his throat. “You need to sit down.”

“Sit down?” she echoed, confused.

“Your leg,” he said, releasing her chin and pointing to her leg where she could see a stain on her sweatpants.

“My leg?” Her brain was mush right now and she couldn’t figure out why a stain on her pants was important.

“You were shot,” he said gently.

“Shot?” Lacey shook her head in denial, she hadn’t been shot, people who were shot were in pain and she felt . . . nothing, she was numb.

“You should sit down,” he said again.

Lacey was aware of people buzzing around them but it felt like she and the handsome stranger were alone in the universe.

No second chances.

That was what Callie had told her after her life had fallen apart six months ago. Now was the time to find what she wanted in life and go for it. No holding back, no hiding in the shadows, because if she didn’t embrace the possibilities that presented themselves she might not get another chance.


Where was Callie?

Her eyes scanned the area and settled on a body.

Callie’s body.

Her best friend was just lying there, drenched in blood.


She was dead.

Lacey heard screams, but it took her a moment to realise they were coming from her. She tried to get to Callie, but she was picked up and carried further away.

“Those men were aiming for you,” her saviour told her as he cradled her in his arms. “Is there anyone you know who wants to hurt you?”

There was only one answer to that question.

And it chilled her to the core.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she began to shake. Her eyes sought his because that was the only thing that could steady her in this moment. “My ex-husband,” Lacey replied on a sob. Then she buried her face in the man’s shoulder and wept.

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