Week 134 – He’s sick

Her leg hurt.

Really hurt, a kind of pain she had never hurt before. But as excruciating as it was it couldn’t compare with the pain in her heart.

Callie was dead.

Because of her.

Because Todd had come after her.

She should have known that he would never let her leave, that sooner or later he would come back to get her. He thought that she was his possession and he would never leave her alone as long as she was alive. Or as long as he was.

Which didn’t give her many options.

Trying to hide her limp as best as she could so no one noticed that she was a patient and not a nurse. She had thrown on a set of scrubs a nurse had left for her since her clothes were evidence for the cops, and she hoped that no one would spare her a second glance as she snuck out of the hospital.

“He’s sick,” a woman cried out, carrying her small son into the emergency room as Lacey hurried through the doors.

The only problem in her plan to disappear was Detective Zaal.

Connor Zaal.

He had saved her life, and she knew that he would do anything within his power to help her remain alive until her ex-husband was found and arrested. But trusting him was out of the question. It was trusting a man that had gotten her into this mess to begin with and she wasn’t ready to take that leap of faith again.

Even for someone like him.

So for now she was on her own.

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