Week 145 – Anything but that

Honey coloured eyes, auburn hair, freckles across her nose and cheeks, Tayla looked exactly the same as he remembered only she had blossomed into a gorgeous woman. She had just the right amount of curves, round breasts that looked like they would perfectly fit in his hands, and seeing her again after more than a decade made Dean want to shove her up against the wall, kiss her breathless, and then pick things up right where they had left off.
Only he’d abandoned her back then.
Only he’d broken her heart.
Only by the way she was looking at him she hated him.
Only he wasn’t here for pleasure.
This was work.
A man was dead and what they had found at the his apartment had led them to Tayla.
This would be easier if she didn’t look so darn sexy, with those kissable lips and this expressive eyes that could never hide what she were thinking. And right now she was thinking about how much he had hurt her. So many times over the last decade he had wanted to track her down, explain that night, and see if she was interested in seeing what could have been between them.
But he always backed out.
Because he was a coward.
He’d been a coward back then and he was a coward now.
Keeping his voice cold, because it was the only way he knew how to mask the mess of emotions inside him he ignored Tayla’s questions and said, “We need you to come down to the station.”
Tayla was white as a sheet and wobbled a little. “Am I under arrest? Are you going to put me in handcuffs?”
Why did she have to say that? Anything but that because now all he could picture was her, naked in bed, handcuffed and begging him to touch her.
“Lets go,” he said, refusing to give her more information because he had a job to do. He was Dean the cop right now, not Dean the man who had thought about Tayla every day for a decade. If his partner got wind of his feelings for Tayla he would be off this case before he could blink, and sad as it was if this was the only way he could spend time around Tayla he would take it.
He wanted a chance to earn her forgiveness, her trust, and her heart.
If it turned out she wasn’t a murderer.
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