Week 156 – It’s never easy

Tayla couldn’t take much more of this.

If Dean didn’t find her soon then all he was going to find when he figured out Jason was the one who had taken her was her body. She didn’t want that for him, he had ben through so much, and they had both lost so many years together, they deserved a chance.

That’s why she was fighting as hard as she could.

She was just afraid it wasn’t enough.

The door opened and Jason was back. “Please,” she begged weakly, “please, Jason. Stop this, we can get you some help.”

“Like you helped me last time?” Jason sneered. “It’s never easy like that, talking to a shrink doesn’t help. Nothing helps.”

“You weren’t honest with me, you didn’t tell me what was going on in your head,” she reminded him even though she knew it was pointless, she was dealing with a man who wasn’t in his right mind.

He swung his fist, connected with the side of her head and sent a sharp stab of pain through her already aching head.

The world began to fade around her and Tayla wondered whether this was it, if this was the end. Was she about to die?

Something loud echoed in her head and she squeezed her eyes closed against it.

“Tayla,” someone screamed her name.


It was Dean.

“Its’s over, Jason,” Dean said.

Her would be killer vibrated with rage. She knew he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“Dean, look out,” she called out as she launched herself, chair and all, towards Jason, she’d rather die than let him hurt Dean.

Guns went off.

Jason’s maybe, or Dean’s, possibly both.

The force of the chair hitting the floor was enough to send her spinning towards unconsciousness and she wondered if any of them would make it out of this room alive.

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