Week 159 – I hate waiting

Mackenzie was tired of waiting.

She was outside the hospital, having just been visiting her best friend Tayla who was lucky to be alive after being poisoned, shot, abducted and beaten, then shot again. She wasn’t sure the shock of seeing Tayla like that wasn’t something that was going to wear off anytime soon.

With a sigh she cast another glance around the hospital’s parking lot but she didn’t see her cab.

“I hate waiting,” she muttered under her breath. She’d give it one more minute and then she’d just start walking, it was only a fifteen minute walk to her house and maybe the walk would help her work of some of the anxiety of the last few days.

The minute passed and still no cab so with an irritated sigh she started walking. It was getting late, almost dark, and the parking lot was quiet, and she quickened her pace, suddenly uneasy.

That tingling on the back of her neck said that something was wrong, but when she scanned the area she didn’t see anything out of ordinary.

“Its just because of what happened with Tayla,” she rebuked herself, taking a cleansing breath and forcing herself to calm down.

As she was walking past an alley arms suddenly wrapped around her, yanking her backwards.

It took a second for what was happening to sink in and by the time Mackenzie opened her mouth to scream a hand was clamped over her mouth.

Fear coursed through her making her shake violently despite the warm evening, and although she fought valiantly the arms wrapped around her were like steel.

Her attacker shoved her into the wall, the hand over her mouth moved to tangle in her hair, but her scream was cut short when her head was slammed into the brick wall.

Once and she saw stars.

Twice and pain threatened to drag her into unconsciousness.

Three times and the blackness claimed her.

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