Week 158 – Please God don’t let her die

She was floating.

Floating away.

“Please God don’t let her die.”

Tayla heard the words, knew that Dean had said them, but she was still floating.

She didn’t want to leave Dean, she didn’t want to leave him in the kind of pain she had been in when she lost her husband, and Dean had been through enough.

But she didn’t know how to get back.

Max, he was before her, waiting for her, and she had missed him so much, but Dean was behind her and he needed her.

She felt torn.

She was being torn in two different directions between the two men that she loved.

Lips touched hers and just like that she was falling.



She landed with a thud and pain exploded inside her body.

“Tayla? Baby?”

She knew she hadn’t really fallen anywhere but returning to her body ad felt like that and as soon as she was no longer floating away from this life the pain from Jason’s assault was back.

“Come on, Tay, open your eyes for me. Please, honey.”

The pain in Dean’s voice was enough to convince her that she had to do as he asked. Summoning all her energy she managed to open her eyes to find Dean leaning over her hospital bed.

“Tayla.” The relief in that one word made everything she had gone through worth it, she was here, he was here, and they had a chance to have the future she had planned as a teenager.

“Love you,” she managed to rasp.

“Love you, sweetheart, I always have and I always will, and I’m going to spend the rest of our lives showing you just how much.” His smile was tender, and his thumb brushed across her knuckles, and she could feel his love for her filling the room.

“Forever,” she whispered.

“Yeah, baby, forever.”

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