Week 165 – Mackenzie’s worst nightmare stood just inside the door

She snapped awake as the bed beneath her moved.


Not the bed.

Mackenzie wasn’t in a bed she was curled up on Jax’s lap on a couch in her apartment. Well she had been anyway.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, immediately panicked. After everything her best friend Taylor had just been through and what had just happened to her she thought panic was probably going to be her new norm, at least for a while.

Jax was standing, and the expression on his face when he looked down at her only served to heighten her panic. When he gestured his head towards the door and she followed his line of sight her blood turned to ice.

Mackenzie’s worst nightmare stood just inside the door.

It was Jax’s ex.

In her experience there was no force of nature worse than a woman scorned. Only Jax had told her about his ex and she was hardly the scorned partner.

“Hello, Jax,” the woman singsonged. Mania unlike something she had ever seen before shone from the woman’s dark eyes.

“Kenz, go into your bedroom and lock the door,” Jax said, voice calm even though she could feel the tension in his body. He set her on her feet and nudged her towards the hall that led to her bedroom.

“No,” Sarisa shrieked. “She’s not going anywhere. You think you can replace me with her? Not going to happen. By the time the sun rises tomorrow morning the walls are going to be painted with your blood,” she growled pulling a gun from her waistband and holding it on them.

Jax moved protectively in front of her, but she knew he didn’t have his gun on him, he’d left it on the kitchen counter when they’d arrived earlier this evening. They were sitting ducks.

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