Week 166 – What to do, what to do?

Jax had no idea how he was going to get them out of this alive.

What to do, what to do?

He had known that Sarisa was unstable, it was one of the reasons things hadn’t worked out between them. That and the fact that she had cheated on him. Given that was the final straw he had no idea why she was now standing here in Mackenzie’s apartment with a gun trained on him screaming about how he replaced her with Kenzie.

“Sarisa, lets sit down and talk,” he said, hands held up, palms out, in as unthreatening manner as possible.

“No,” she shrieked. “Talking time is over. I begged you not to leave me and you threw me away like garbage. You said you loved me, you said you wanted to marry me. We were soulmates and you turned your back on me”

Jax half listened as Sarisa rambled, his gaze scanning the room looking for a weapon. His gun was on the counter in the kitchen, but the couch, the kitchen table and an armed Sarisa stood in-between him and it. The hallway that led to the bedrooms was closer and he wondered if he could cover Mackenzie enough to get her there before Sarisa shot him.

If it weren’t for Mackenzie he’d just rush the woman, take the gunshot and tackle her. Unless she got him in the head or directly in the heart then he would still be able to disarm her.

“Jax, the fireplace mantle,” Mackenzie whispered behind him, her hands pressed against his lower back. “I was scared after what happened to Tayla and I heard a sound the other night, I had a knife and I left it on the mantle when I went to the hospital yesterday.”

A knife.


Now all he needed was a distraction so he could get to it.

“I’ll keep her distracted,” Mackenzie said.

Before he could stop her, yank her back and keep her safely tucked away behind him, his crazy girl who had already been through hell once in the last forty-right hours stepped sideways.

“Lady, you are crazy if you think that Jax loves you,” Mackenzie put her hands on her hips and glared at Sarisa. “He’s mine, and he loves me.”

Shock flowed through him at her words. Not just that she was baiting an armed and insane woman, but when she said that he loved her it didn’t frighten him it felt … right.

“You can’t use your evil magic to steal my man,” Sarisa screamed, swinging the gun in Mackenzie’s direction. “When I shoot you your powers will flow out of you.”

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One comment on “Week 166 – What to do, what to do?
  1. michele kearce says:

    This whole story needs to be turned into a book. It had me reeled in from the first few lines. I love that you are letting your fans help with this. If you was to make it into a book I would go back over blog and recognize the bloggers that helped come up with some of the storylines.

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