Week 168 – As he came round there was an eerie silence all around the apartment

As he came round there was an eerie silence all around the apartment.

Jax bolted upright, unsurprised to find that his wrists were bound behind his back. He had a raging headache but no memory of how he lost consciousness.

There was only one thing on his mind.


She’d been shot, he remembered that much, her shriek of agony was something he would never forget.

The gunshot would rouse neighbours, who would no doubt call the 911, but he had a feeling that Sarisa and whoever the man with her was would more likely to hole up in here with him and Mackenzie as hostages than they would open the door to the cops when they arrived.

Scanning the room he saw they were in what he assumed was Mckenzie’s bedroom. He was sitting in an armchair by the window and Mackenzie was lying on the bed. Her eyes were closed, blood soaked her leg and the quilt beneath it

Panic flooded him, washing away his pain.

Had she already bled out?

Her skin was as white as snow, but he could just make out her chest rising and falling.

She was still alive.

Holding his wrists apart as far as he could he lifted his arms above his head, then brought them down hard against his bent knees. He repeated that twice more and the plastic zip ties

As soon as he was free Jax ran to the bed. His fingertips touched her neck, finding a pulse that was weak and thready. Her skin was cold and clammy, her breathing quick and shallow. Jax had enough first aid training to know that she was already in hypovolemic shock.

He had to get her out of here, she needed a hospital and she needed one now.

There was no she was going to be able to help him get them out of here. It was all on him. He had to keep Mackenzie alive and he had to find a way to get through two armed assailants.

Jax prayed he was up to this monumental task.

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