Week 167 – A breath of air brushed her face

The bang of the gun seemed too loud.

Although Mackenzie knew it happened in a split second, it seemed like her eyes tracked the bullet’s journey as it left the gun, flew through the air towards her, then plowed into her leg.

She might be a psychiatrist and not a “real” doctor but she didn’t need to be to know that the bullet had just shattered her femur.

Everything around her tunnelled into a vortex of pain.

She couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, she thought she collapsed, she thought she screamed in pain, she thought that Jax called out to her, she thought crazy Sarisa was laughing, but she wasn’t sure.

All she was sure of was the agony in her leg.

There were voices floating somewhere above her. For a moment she was confused when she was sure there were three instead of two but then she faded further and couldn’t be sure.

Black dots danced in front of her and she longed to latch onto them and let them drag her away, anywhere was better than the excruciating pain that poked relentlessly at her.


Was he okay?

Did he get the knife?

Had he subdued Sarisa?

The questions spun in her head making her dizzy.

Someone was coming towards her, she prayed it was Jax, the blurry figure stopped and stood above her. Then it leaned down and a breath of air brushed her face.

“Can’t wait for round two,” a harsh voice whispered.

Her ability to focus came rushing back and when her vision cleared she knew the face above her belonged to the man who had raped her. He was here. In her apartment.

Panic flared inside her and it was too much for her overburdened mind to deal with. The next second she was crashing into unconsciousness.

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