Week 170 – Mackenzie fought with everything she had

Jax landed with a crash, the body of Mackenzie’s rapist landing on top of him and whooshing the air from his lungs.

Sarisa stood in the doorway and from the look on her face she obviously thought that her bullet had taken both of them out.

Had he not pivoted at the last second it probably would have.

Instead the bullet had sliced straight through the other man, piercing his heart, and from the amount of blood soaking through his clothes and the complete and unnatural stillness, the other man was dead.

“You were really getting on my nerves, Raymond, step-brother or not, you had to go. Sorry, Jax, I didn’t mean to take you out too, but I can’t think of a more romantic ending to our love story than to go out like Romeo and Juliet.”

Sarisa stood in the doorway and Jax forced himself to play dead. As soon as her back was turned he would take her out.

“Before Jax and I can get our happy ending, you need to go,” Sarisa said as she tossed the gun on the bed and rounded it, walking over to Mackenzie.

Quietly as he could he rolled Raymond’s body off him, and stood, creeping to the bed he scooped up the gun. As he walked around the bed he saw that Mackenzie fought with everything she had as Sarisa tried to wrap her hands around her neck.

Anger burned brightly inside him. How had he ever thought he was in love with Sarisa? Mackenzie was everything he had ever wanted in a woman and there was no way he was losing her.

“Its over, Sarisa,” he said as he aimed the gun at her head.

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