Week 171 – In that split second before he pulled the trigger the door burst open

Relief flooded over her like a tidal wave.

It was over.

Jax stood above her and Sarisa, his gun squarely trained on the crazy woman who had tried to kill them.

There was a blazing fury in his eyes like she had never seen before.

He wanted to kill his ex.

It was written all over his face, but Mackenzie knew he would regret it if he did. He had loved Sarisa, been planning on spending his life with her, if he killed her now in anger one day he would realise it was a mistake. She belonged in prison but she was clearly crazy, she needed help.

“Don’t do it, Jax,” she said in a ragged whisper.

“She got her stepbrother to rape you, she shot you, she was going to kill you, she deserves to die,” he spat.

“She’s sick. I don’t want you to regret it, Jax.”

“I won’t.”

In that split second before he pulled the trigger the door burst open, and cops burst in.

Mackenzie relaxed, allowed the world to go blurry around the edges now that she knew that she and Jax were going to be okay.

People began to poke and prod at her, medics she presumed, but even when they began to check out the bullet hole in her leg she didn’t feel any pain.

She was floating.

It wasn’t until strong arms wrapped around her, cradling her against a hard chest.


“I’m here, baby, I’m not going anywhere.”

That brought a smile to her lips.

She didn’t want him to go anywhere.


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