Week 172 – 😍 love it

Macey pulled her phone from her purse when it buzzed with a message.

Was it him?

Was he calling to cancel?

It had been so long since she’d been on a date, and she’d never been on a blind date before. She wouldn’t have gone on this one only her sister had told her that six months of moping over the break-up with her longterm boyfriend was long enough and had set her up with a guy from her office.

With a herd of elephants sized nerves in her stomach and a shaking hand she managed to get her phone out and smiled when she saw the message.

😍 love it

Love what? she typed back.

You, you look stunning

Glancing up when she read the message she found a man standing just a few feet away grinning at her.

“George I presume,” she said, holding out her hand.

He took it, kissed it, then said, “And you must be the beautiful Macey. I’ve heard so much about you from your sister and it is an absolute pleasure to meet you.”

She couldn’t help but smile at his sweet words. Tyler, her ex, hadn’t spoken like that to her, he’d been all alpha and while he’d never been disrespectful to her he was an ex-military turned cop whose idea of a date was to take her to the shooting range, the idea of dressing up and going to dinner and a show would never have occurred to him.

“I can’t wait to see where we’re going for dinner,” she said, unable to stop smiling, maybe this whole blind date thing wasn’t going to be as bad as she’d thought.

“Well, if you’ll follow me to my car you can find out.” He took her hand, set it on his elbow and began to lead her through the busy Friday night foot traffic towards a brand new, shiny black car.

“You don’t want to give me a hint?”

“Nope, no hints.” George opened the back door of his car, “Sorry, the front seat is filled with papers for work, you don’t mind sitting in the back do you? Its only a couple of blocks to where we’re going.”

“Oh, no, its fine,” she said, thinking it was odd, but sliding into the back of the car anyway. It wasn’t until he closed the door behind her that she realised there weren’t any doorhandles. There was a partition between the back and the front of the car.

She was trapped.

Clinging to the hope that this was all a misunderstanding when George slid into the driver’s seat the smile he threw her over his shoulder was a mixture of creepy and malevolent.

This wasn’t a date, it was a kidnapping.

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