Week 174 – Got the guy’s name



How many days had she been here?

By Macey’s calculations, and all she had to go on was the number of meals she’d been brought, she’d been here for at least four days now.

The here was half of a room, operated from the other half, including the door, by metal bars that ran from the floor to the ceiling. Her part of the room had a bed, a table and two chairs, a toilet, a shower head fixed to the wall, a bookcase crammed with books, and a TV.

He planned to keep her here indefinitely.

He was still a he to her she still hadn’t got the guy’s name. Not his real one anyway, she knew it wasn’t George, he wasn’t who he was pretending to be.

How was anyone going to find her if they were looking for a George who worked with her sister?

This man terrified her.

Not because he’d laid a hand on her, he hadn’t yet but she knew it was only a matter of time, but because of what covered the walls on the other part of the room.


Of her.

Hundreds of them.

They went back several years.


This man had been stalking her for years.

And now he had her.

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