Week 175 – I want to sit next to you

It all started with seven little words.

I want to sit next to you.

That’s what Macey had said to him the day they’d met. It had been at a mutual friend’s wedding, he’d been watching everyone dance because he wasn’t a dancing kind of guy, and she came and plopped herself down beside him and started chattering away.

The years they’d been together had been the happiest of his life and right about how Tyler couldn’t even remember why it was they had broken up.

It all seemed so unimportant now.

A week.

Seven days.

That was how long it had been since anyone had heard from or seen Macey. The man she’d gone on the blind date with had also disappeared and it turned out no one at his workplace really knew much about him.


Guilt was all he’d felt for seven long days. He hadn’t believed her when Mollie had called to say that something had happened to Macey and that had been eating away at him. He was barely sleeping, only eating when one of his colleagues forced him too, and spending every second he had on trying to find where she was.

Seven days was such a long time and with every passing hour it got less and less likely that they would find her alive.

If she was still alive.

As much as Tyler didn’t want to admit it there was a very real possibility that she was already dead, her body disposed of.

Tyler pulled the engagement ring from his pocket. He’d been intending to propose until the argument that ended everything, and he decided then and there that if he got her back alive he was going to do whatever it took to fix things between them.

“Don’t you die on me, Macey,” he muttered. “I’m going to find you, baby.”

Nothing would stop him.

If it was the last thing he ever did he would find Macey and bring her home.

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