Week 177 – Quit fighting, I don’t want to hurt you again

“Quit fighting, I don’t want to hurt you again.”

The words sent anger spearing through Tyler as he and his partner crept down the hallway of the house where Macey was being held.

Four painstakingly long months worth of chasing down every lead and it had finally led him here. In just minutes he would have Macey in his arms again but he was afraid of the woman he would find here. How much had four months in captivity scarred her?

The sound of flesh hitting flesh nudged him out of his thoughts and with a glance at his partner he nodded and prepared to step through the door at the end of the wall, knowing his partner had his back.

When he took that step he came face to face with his own personal nightmare.

Half the room had been partitioned off with metal bars running floor to ceiling, the side of the room was set up with the intention of someone living in there, there was a small bathroom area, a bed, and living room furniture. She was currently being held by the hair by a tall man who had to be at least ten years older than her.

At his arrival both heads snapped in his direction. The man reacted immediately, pressing a button that started water streaming down from the ceiling.

That split second of distraction was all it took for the man to toss Macey across the room and turn and run through a door on the far side of the room.

“Ryder, he went out the door,” Tyler called over his shoulder as he ran to Macey.

His partner took off after Macey’s abductor, while he dropped to his knees at her side and hauled her into his arms. She’d lost weight, her skin was as white as snow, her eyes were round and he could see a red mark in the shape of a hand stand out in stark contrast on her cheek He should check her for injuries, ask her if she was okay, say something to reassure her, but all he could do was clutch her tightly against his chest and rock her from side to side.

“He got away,” Ryder announced stalking back into the room, frustration etched into his features.

Got away?

The man that had held Macey captive for four months was still out there. Still a threat.

He had her back but could he keep her safe?

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