Week 176 – Macey woke to being watched

Macey woke to being watched.

It wasn’t something new. Most days she woke to find her captor sitting on a chair outside her cell watching her with a dreamy smile on his face that never failed to make her shiver in fear and revulsion.

Today was no different.

Keeping the covers clutched tightly around her neck so that her body was completely shielded from his view, it wasn’t much protection but it was all she had and every day she clung to it for as long as she could.

Every day was the same and she’d long since lost count of how long she’d been here, it was too depressing to watch the days tick by and know that she was never leaving this room. After watching her for a while her captor would make conversation with her, or at least attempt to, then he’d bring her a meal he had cooked himself. At first she had refused to eat anything he brought but hunger had eventually worn her down and now she ate what she was given when she was given it. After feeding her he would set up work at the desk on the other side of the metal bars. He’d stop give her lunch, work some more, then dinner, after that he’d make her shower in front of him before he wished her sweet dreams and finally left the room.

The following morning she’d wake to find him watching her again.

Rinse and repeat at least two dozens times until they were on today.

So far he hadn’t made a move to enter her cell but she knew that wouldn’t last and all she could do was give thanks each day that that day hadn’t yet come.

Although it looked like her lucky might be about to run out.

The man stood and curled his hands around the bars, watching her intently. “You’ve been here a month, I think I’ve given you enough time to adjust.” With that he pulled out a key and unlocked the door to her prison.

Macey didn’t think, she just reacted.

Launching herself off the bed she ran for the door, desperately seeking freedom.

Unfortunately she didn’t make it.

As she reached him he held out an arm and a second later fire spread through her body. She dropped to the floor convulsing as wave after wave of pain assaulted her. Her body jerked about but she was powerless to stop it, just like she was powerless to stop him when he knelt beside her, scooped her up, and carried her towards the bed.

She wished he would just kill her.

Anything was better than being held captive.

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