Week 186 – TYLER! Don’t You die on me, I just got you back

“TYLER! Don’t You die on me, I just got you back,” Macey sobbed as she clutched his hand as though that would force him to come back to her.

Paramedics filled the room, voices floated around her, someone tried to pull her away from Tyler but she held on with all the strength that she had left, which wasn’t very much.

Her body trembled with exhaustion, her mind begged her to lie down and close her eyes but she ignored it. She couldn’t leave Tyler, if he didn’t know how much she needed him then he wouldn’t know how hard he had to fight to come back to her.

“Tyler, please,” she whispered as the medics shocked his heart.

“Got him back,” the EMT announced, and she sagged in relief.

“Thank you, Tyler.” Leaning down Macey brushed her lips across his cheek.

She thought she saw his eyelashes flutter but the world suddenly began to swim around her, and she reached out to grab something to steady her only there was nothing there and the next thing she knew she was falling into oblivion.

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