Week 187 – Macey woke up a week later

Macey woke up a week later.

Seven days gone.

Seven days that they would never get back.

Seven days Tyler had feared that this time he had lost her for good.

Thankfully he had been unconscious for the first two of those days. The first words out of his mouth when he had woken up were about Macey. As soon as he found out she was alive but unconscious he had demanded to be taken to her room.

His doctor had refused.

He had tried to get out of his bed, promptly passed out, and woken up another twelve hours later.

Ever since then he had insisted to be put in the same room as Macey, and someone had pulled strings to get it to happen.

He had begged, he had pleaded, he had prayed, but she had remained stubbornly asleep. Shock, maybe, exhaustion definitely, the doctors had said but they hand answer as to why she hadn’t woken up.

Now finally her eyelashes fluttered on her cheeks.

“Mace?” he said, brushing his fingertips across her pale, hollow cheek.

“Tyler?” Just like that she snapped fully awake, her eyes growing wide when she saw him sitting in a chair beside her bed. “You’re alive.”

She launched herself out of the bed and into his arms. The movement tore at his healing chest wound but he didn’t care. The woman he loved was awake and holding onto him like she was terrified he might disappear.

He knew the feeling.

“I’m alive, sweetheart, and I don’t ever want to leave you again. Marry me, Macey.”

She leaned back, her arms still locked around his neck. “Are you serious?”

“Couldn’t be more serious.”

“Then, yes! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you. I love you, Tyler.”

She kissed him and the horrors of the last several months faded away, there would be hard days ahead, obstacles for both of them to overcome, but he had the woman he loved back.

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